Ella Falldorf

Ella Falldorf is a PhD candidate at the Art History Department at Jena University, where she works as a research associate at the DFG-funded project “Beyond the Limits of Representation. Artistic Artifacts of Concentration Camp Inmates as Visual Interpretation of the Camp Reality.” Ella received a two-year-scholarship from the Ernst-Abbe-Foundation for her research focussing on the Buchenwald concentration camp and also worked as a freelancer at the Art Collection of the Buchenwald Memorial. Ella is a graduate of the MA program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa and her thesis was awarded the Herbert Steiner Anerkennungspreis and the Rector’s Prize of Haifa University in 2020. Ella is a board member of the association “Riebeckstraße 63 e.V.” that commemorates continuities of social exclusion practices and forced labor at the historical site of a former workhouse in Leipzig. She published in the Journal of Holocaust Research (2021) and in an edited volume titled Organisiertes Gedächtnis (2022). In 2021 Ella founded the Holocaust Culture Network with Kobi Kabalek.