Organizing Team

26th Workshop Team (Łódź, Poland 2023)

Introducing the 26th orga team! All members were presenters and/or participants of previous workshops – click the names to read our bios!

We are an international  group of  emerging scholars, educators, and practitioners with backgrounds in various academic disciplines who are experts and innovators in the field of Holocaust studies.

We are working towards the creation of an inclusive and enterprising workshop on the history and memory of the Nazi Concentration Camps and killing sites, and share a common goal of disseminating knowledge and creating an independent forum that nurtures the discussion of innovative, cross-disciplinary projects within the field.

Daan de Leeuw (Clark University, Worcester)

Ella Falldorf (University of Jena)

Esther Renee Selman (Freelance Education Officer, Berlin)

Hana G. Green (Clark University)

Jesse E. Lillefjeld (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt / Oder)

Paweł Michna (Jagiellonian University, Krakow)

Théophile Leroy (Historical Research Center of the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris)

We encourage you to contact us directly regarding the workshop or for any personal expertise.