Théophile Leroy

Théophile Leroy is a Phd student at EHESS, Paris, and teaching assistant at Sciences Po Strasbourg. He studies the persecutions and genocide of the Rhine Sinti families occurring in annexed Alsace and Moselle. Using a micro historical approach and mobilizing the Arolsen archives and German documentation, he works on the trajectories of the persecuted Sinti between 1940 and 1945 to map the dislocation of these families across Europe. His research unveils the mechanisms, actors and chronologies of the persecutions targeting individuals identified as “Gypsies” or “Nomads” within a Western European borderland territory.

In 2022, he published an article from his doctoral research, “‘Gypsies’in the Police Eye. Identification, Census and Deportation of Sinti and Roma from Annexed Alsace, 1940 to 1944” in the collective volume edited by the Arolsen Archives Series. He also contributed to the EHRI Document Blog with a text entitled “Tracing the Dislocation of a Sinti Family in a Genocidal Context: the R165 Collection of the German Federal Archives”.